Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strong Club Racing in the South West

Lat night we visited Torquay Ski Club to see some great training at a strong club, members of which had taken quite a few podiums at the Celtic Cup during the past weekend.
It was good to see training at this very well kept facility with good numbers on a warm Monday evening.

Torquay has a strong pedigree of producing great racers and national team members such as the Brown brothers (Rob, Sam and Tom) and their current top racer, Jai Geyer who is a member of the British Alpine team. It was good to see the man responsible for much of this, Ron Batley, at the centre. Ron is no longer coaching but the head coach, Chris Tonge, is continuing this legacy.
We are hoping to do some work in the future with the club and some of it's members so will be watching these racers with some interest.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Busy Weekend and Kent Schools Winners

Well, we started the weekend early on Saturday at Milton Keynes for the Club National race there.
Impulse members did well in this race with the results below (amongst others).

Matt Thompson - 1st J2 and 1st Overall
James Grant - 2nd J2
Thomas Grant - 2nd J1

Well done to all Impulse racers at MK this weekend at the CN and the GP.

On Sunday attended and sponsored the Kent Schools Championships, giving out prizes of places on our indoor camps to two lucky athletes. The prizes were given on a bib number draw to make the chance of winning equal to all racers.
Our winners were:

Girls - Natalie Falshaw
Boys - James Fowles

Natalie and James will be joining us later in the summer for their training prizes.

We'll be at Manchester next weekend for both the club national and the grand prix races.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Busy Summer So Far!

Well, we've been back from the mountains for over a month now and we've been pretty busy with setting up for next season and attending events all over the UK and the BASS race in Landgraaf over the bank holiday weekend, where several trainees achieved excellent results.

Looking up the 500m slope at Landgraaf

This weekend sees us attending the Milton Keynes Club National race on Saturday, helping with setting and helping our trainees prepare for the GP on Sunday.

On Sunday, we will be sponsoring the Kent Schools Championship at Bromley in association with our winter base, Aosta Race Academy. We will be giving away places on our indoor camps to a few lucky racers.

So good luck to all of our trainees racing over this weekend and we'll see some of you at MK and Bromley.