Monday, 31 January 2011

World Uni Winter Games - Erzurum, Turkey

Well, first full day here today after a couple of flights over from Geneva, a tight connection in Istanbul (which we made but, apparently, our luggage didn't) and a late night.
The impulse athletes are having a rest and I'm looking after some of the Irish Alpine athletes here.
There's racing on at the moment but our guys aren't participating until Friday when the technical events start.
Unfortunately, a lack of decent snow cover is preventing any worthwhile training as the only decent piste is the one being used to race on so we're trying to occupy our days with other activities.
Tomorrow we should get on the hill above the Super combi slalom start for a few runs though.
The new ski jump towers built specifically for the event

The athletes village is on a huge university campus with most wintersports being represented. The Turkish seem to have spent a great deal of money in preparing for these games.
Hopefully, the snow will improve as the week goes on and we should get some training ahead of the tech races.

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