Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Changing weather!

Yesterday saw the last day of our GS training block with blue skies, sunshine, cold temperatures and snow that wouldn't have been out of place in the winter!

So finishing the GS on a good note with some great improvements made over the previous days. and an afternoon of kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake with some of the guys discovering that the water was very cold!!

This morning was a different story altogether with heavy cloud shrouding the glacier from first thing. We had a later start for a light day of slalom tech work. The snow conditions were good but visibility was changeable to say the least. At one point, it was absolutely dumping with snow.

As I write this, we are looking at a day of slalom tomorrow but it's been raining in Val Claret for several hours now so there may be a bit too much snow on the glacier for setting. Never mind, I'm sure we'll get plenty out of the day regardless.

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