Wednesday, 16 February 2011

EYOF - Boys GS and Girls Slalom

Yesterday saw the boys GS race her in Liberec. The Irish boys started the day well with start numbers of 70 and 78, finishing the first run in the 60's so moving up a few places.
Unfortunately, they had issues on run two, Sean got caught on his inside ski and on the slick race piste there was no coming back. Hubert started well but had an issue with his ski as it pre released on some judder ruts so a disappointing day all round.

Today was girls slalom and Tori started with bib number 75 and finished the first run in 58th. A good performance on a very icy piste. In fact it was difficult to get an edge when inspecting, never mind racing!
second run saw her move up to 48th spot and a decent finish for the only Irish female competitor.

Tomorrow sees the boys slalom and final event for us here. The boys go numbers 76 and 82 so lets hope for some good moves up the field.

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