Monday, 14 February 2011

Girls GS day at the EYOF

Yesterday was a rest day after a late arrival on Saturday. The opening ceremony was last night, with the lighting of the Olympic torch.

Today was the first day on the hill and the girls GS day.
Only one competitor for us as Kristen injured her knee training last week. Tori went at no. 70 on run one and completed respectably in 62nd place, hoping to improve further on run two. The piste was pretty slick and rock hard so it took some guts to attack but those who did were rewarded with decent results (if they stayed in!). Tori headed out on run two and was going well up toward the first terrain break, where her ski pre released, brining her challenge to a premature end unfortunately.

Tomorrow sees the boys GS with Hubert and Sean competing with bib numbers 70 and 78. Good luck to them for their race.

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