Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Slalom Training whilst the Downhill is on

Today we woke to clear blue skies and colder temperatures (initially), so the Downhill training run went ahead, followed by the first Downhill race.
None of the guys training with us were competing but one Impulse member, Matt Thompson, was second Brit and first British Junior in the race, scoring his best FIS points for DH in the process!!

Elsewhere on the hill, we were training slalom. We had great conditions but it did warm up very quickly. The guys all skied well for most of the morning but we had to finish in the gates by 11.30 as the snow was deteriorating quickly by that time.

Tomorrow should be the second Downhill but we currently have rain and the forecast for tomorrow is not good. There is the possibility that they will run the slalom leg of the super combined if conditions prove too severe to run the DH. We'll see what tomorrow brings. If there are no races, we shall continue with some more slalom training.

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