Monday, 8 August 2011

Head Summer Camp Day One

Today was the first day of our first camp in collaboration with Head skis. It all began at the Snowcentre this morning.

Paul and Matt from Head

We had Head skis and Bartletts arrive first thing with a collection of next seasons slalom skis for the trainees to test. Then came the trainees and coaches. So we began with the athletes working through the morning on some balance drills - following this through up to lunchtime.

We then took the drills from this morning into some stubby gate courses to see if the trainees could carry the skills developed earlier.
One the lads managed to incur the wrath of the slope patrol and  find himself on the receiving end of a shovel full of snow! That's what happens when you throw snow at the wrong person!

After a good session on the hill, we took the athletes out for some fitness and games to loosen them up and finish the day. The dodgeball always proves very popular.

The camp runs up until Thursday and we still have a couple of places left for later in the week.

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